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I added an offer called “Custom Order This,” it pays $10 and 5 points. You have to sign up & complete 1 full point worth of offers to be credited. 🙂

All payments have been processed and if you haven’t already received your check, please watch your mail.

Please don’t forget that the rule is still in effect to only complete one survey, per family, per week. I have completely removed WinningSurvey offers but BigBucks, CE & Consumer Beat are still up. So make sure to only do one from each of those categories per week.

Ok, it’s Americal Idol time & I love to watch the reject singers. 🙂


Last night I decided to give each active user a little bonus. So if you cashout in January you will see 5% added to your paypal, check or SuperCertificate when you get paid from Just a fun little way to add a bit more to your cashout without having to win a contest or do something special.

There’s also an offer that has a limited time bonus on it: FriendFinder will earn you .60cents for completion but you will also receive 5 points. That’s a simple way to get you closer to a prize. So if you haven’t already done it, check out that awesome offer.

Here are some new offers added last night:

  • Freebie: Johnnie Walker: Free Movie Tickets $1.00
  • Freebie: African American Voice $.75
  • Freebie: IYO: Favorite Pet $.40
  • Freebie: IYO: Hillary for President $.40
  • Freebie: IYO: Marijuana $.40
  • Freebie: POG: 42 Inch Plasma $1.00
  • Freebie: WSHTS: $1500 Restaurant GC $1.10
  • Trial: Buyers Advantage $11.00
  • Business/Finance: ForexYard $150.00
  • Business/Finance: Easy Forex $100.00
  • Business/Finance: Forexmentor $50.00
  • Webhosting: $50.00
  • Payment Proof