Happy post holidays to everyone! Hopefully 2007 is treating you well & you’re ready to earn some money.

Let me start by welcoming you to the site and the blog. If you’re a user of RaidtheBank.com and you’re reading this, why not try out this snazzy promo code created especially for you: aab1022b49

I started RaidtheBank.com as a means to earn extra income and to meet new people. I help with customer service and on the message board at another AWESOME GPT site called InstantProfitz. I thought that if I started my own site, I would get to interact with users, offer really fun contests and make a bit of money on the side. My expectations have been deliciously satisfied!

Thanks to RaidtheBank.com I have made so many new friends and learned quite a bit about running a successful business. I seriously don’t know where I would be without all the great input and support of our users.

I run the site with my fiance, Scott. He does a ton of work on the back end of the site. I’m not sure how many hours he has spent adding offers, changing code or tweaking navigation but he deserves a lot of credit because I would be sitting here all day staring at my screen if it weren’t for his help. Since I handle all of the customer service issues on the site, you probably haven’t had a chance to meet Scott but he’s working hard for everyone & maybe one day I will convince him to come say “hello” on the message boards. (he’s shy)

I’m going to update this blog pretty frequently. I’ll be running promos just for blog readers, posting about awesome offers & just generally staying in touch. Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have a question or concern.

I look forward to meeting everyone! )