Last night I decided to give each active user a little bonus. So if you cashout in January you will see 5% added to your paypal, check or SuperCertificate when you get paid from Just a fun little way to add a bit more to your cashout without having to win a contest or do something special.

There’s also an offer that has a limited time bonus on it: FriendFinder will earn you .60cents for completion but you will also receive 5 points. That’s a simple way to get you closer to a prize. So if you haven’t already done it, check out that awesome offer.

Here are some new offers added last night:

  • Freebie: Johnnie Walker: Free Movie Tickets $1.00
  • Freebie: African American Voice $.75
  • Freebie: IYO: Favorite Pet $.40
  • Freebie: IYO: Hillary for President $.40
  • Freebie: IYO: Marijuana $.40
  • Freebie: POG: 42 Inch Plasma $1.00
  • Freebie: WSHTS: $1500 Restaurant GC $1.10
  • Trial: Buyers Advantage $11.00
  • Business/Finance: ForexYard $150.00
  • Business/Finance: Easy Forex $100.00
  • Business/Finance: Forexmentor $50.00
  • Webhosting: $50.00
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