First of all, here is my official statement from

For those of you that have done freebie surveys on multiple sites, you might notice your balance being effected this week. We’re currently going through our list of denials and taking the appropriate action on each account. For users that are blatantly completing the same offer on many sites, your account will be banned for supplying fraudulent information.

I know this is frustrating for everyone involved but please understand that completion of any offer (paid or freebie) more than once is fraud and will not be tolerated.

I would hate to see any of you go to a different site because I value each & every one of you. However, I highly recommend finding a site you like (I hope that you choose raidthebank) and sticking to it. By signing up to 10 sites & repeating offers at each one, it will slowly cause our industry to be destroyed. No advertiser will want to pay a lead to a customer that has already been paid before. Your actions don’t just affect you, but everyone who uses GPT sites. Please use your best judgement when completing offers & know that being dishonest will decrease long term earning potential.

If you have any questions, please contact me:

I know some site admins are telling people to continue doing freebie offers because they have them listed through a different advertiser. While this may work up front, it’s going to come back to bite us all in the butt at a later date. Sooner or later these advertisers are going to say that paying for a survey just isn’t worth it anymore because over half of the completions are repeats. What this will end up meaning is that instead of pacing ourselves, we won’t even have the surveys available to do. They will be removed from ALL sites through ALL advertisers and the nice, easy money that we received from surveys will be lost.

The solution is pretty simple, take a stand & do the right thing. Use sites that are following the rules, police yourselves when it comes to doing offers – do what you KNOW is right, and be true to yourself & advertisers. If we are proactive now, we might be able to keep these awesome offers on our sites. I know these new limitations are new to everyone so for now, I am removing all WinS from my site. If you have any questions at all, please email me or call me. Our phone number is listed on our call us/blog page.

In the next couple of months, is going to start an exciting new promotion. Once all the details are hammered out I will post more information but until then… mums the word! 😉